Strategic Statement

The AAF Company’s Board of Directors outline their objectives for the Company through the Strategic Statement which is at the forefront of the Business Plan.


1. The AAF Company (the Company) is to provide amenity and related services to Soldiers and their families.

Purpose Statement (Mission)

2.  To provide amenity and related services to Army members and their families through affordable holiday accommodation and financial support to units or associations that is not normally provide at Departmental level.


3. Amenities.  To provide amenity funding support to Army members, operating through a system of bids from unit commanders and associations for grants or loans to fund local amenity initiatives not normally provided at Departmental level.

4. Holiday Facilities.  To provide economically priced, quality holiday accommodation for use by eligible persons through the provision of Company owned holiday properties, and promoting the use of other Service owned facilities which Army are eligible to use.

5. Finances.  Administer the financial activities of the AAF Company to ensure the operational objectives are met while meeting compliance and statutory obligations.

6. Investment.  To ensure the management of the investment portfolio enables the AAF Company to stay self sustaining.

7. Marketing.  To promote the AAF Company; amenity grants and loans, and holiday facilities.