Grants and loans

The AAF Company provides funding for worthwhile projects that support Army members. We fund local amenity initiatives not provided at Departmental expense.

How it works

Amenity funding is available through a system of bids from unit commanders and associations.

The level of funds available for allocation in any given year is dependent of the performance of the AAF Company’s investment portfolios.

Applications will be considered for any worthwhile purpose.

Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Decision timeframes may be impacted by external factors, especially during the two months following the end of financial year.

It is a requirement that loan / grant recipients formally acknowledge to AAF Company that, once expended, funds have been used for the purposes for which they were provided.

Note, loans may attract interest.

What is an amenity?

An amenity is a physical or intangible item, or an approved activity, that benefits a group or individual members of the Army and motivates them to serve.  

The amenity cannot be provided from an existing funding source and will not be under the permanent ownership of individuals.

Should you apply?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, proceed with an application:

  • Is this request associated with provision of an amenity in a common area / after-hours duty environment?
  • Will provision of funding enhance visibility and reputation of Army / ADF?
  • Will the outcome of the provision of funds enhance espirit de corps and fit with the goals of the Army / ADF?
  • Will the provision of funds improve an amenity for a wide audience / number of members?
  • Have all avenues of alternative funding been exhausted?
  • Will the provision of funds establish an amenity for use by members / families / establishment?
  • Will the provision of funds enhance a recreational amenity currently available?

What we have funded

AAF Company funds have been used to support:

  • sporting and adventure training activities
  • purchase of social club equipment
  • set up of a Welfare Hub
  • events attended by Army members.

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