Grant criteria

The AAF Company provides grants for specific purposes. A grant is the advancement of monies with no requirement to make any form of repayment in support of a single purpose amenity.

Grants may only be provided in cases where there is a need which cannot be met from other sources and the assessed benefits accruing to Army members are sufficient to justify the expenditure.

Requests for grants must be kept to a reasonable level and grants will only be approved once it is determined that the recipient does not have the capacity to repay a loan of any type.


The AAF Company may provide grants to ARA and Tri-Service entities for the provision of recreational amenities or other worthwhile purposes for Army members and their dependants. Entities need to explain how the outcome of the grant will provide an enduring benefit.

Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Grants will only be provided to entities that have no access to other avenues of funding within the ADF. Applicants should provide details of efforts they have made to generate funding or details of their financial status.
  2. Grants will normally be made to entities which have ‘wide’ appeal (such as those with a large participation base, or ARA areas hosting Inter-service sport) or to applicants who demonstrate that the grant will provide a tangible benefit to Army members and dependants.
  3. Grants will be made in preference to a loan where the recipient is able to demonstrate that loan repayments will jeopardise the financial viability of the entity or dramatically reduce the services provided to its members.
  4. Grants to entities who, as a result of the provision of funds, will provide an improved and/or new amenity to a large participation base will be preferred.

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