Welcome to the loans and grants page.

One of the aims AAF Company Board of Directors is to increase awareness of the availability of funding for worthwhile projects.  That aim is  detailed in the following extract from the Business Plan.

The Company’s primary focus is the provision of amenity funding support to Army members, operating through a system of bids from unit commanders and associations for loans and grants to fund local amenity initiatives not provided at Departmental expense.

The level of funds available for allocation in any given year will be dependent of the performance of the Company investment Portfolio’s.

Applications will be considered for any worthwhile purpose – please use the ‘should I apply’ matrix to determine if you should proceed with an application immediately or seek further guidance from the Secretary.

Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year however, applicants are to be aware that decision timeframes may be impacted by external factors, especially during the two months following the end of financial year.

It is a requirement that loan / grant recipients formally acknowledge to the Fund Secretary that, once expended, funds have been used for the purposes for which they were provided.