Information publication scheme

About the scheme

Established as part of the FOI Act, the Information Publication Scheme (IPS) requires agencies to publish a broad range of information on their websites, and to make that information available online where possible.

For the purposes of the PID, the AAF Company is administered by the Department of Defence (as per the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013).

AAF Company IPS Plan

The AAF Company’s IPS Plan describes how we propose to comply with the IPS requirements, as prescribed by paragraph 8(1) of the FOI Act.

See our IPS Plan.

Who we are

What we do



The AAF Company’s primary focus is the provision of amenity funding support to Army members, operating through a system of annual bids from unit commanders and associations for loans and grants to fund local amenity initiatives not provided at Departmental expense.

We also provide economically priced, quality holiday accommodation for use by eligible people and to promote other Service-owned facilities.

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See our governance in About us.


  • AAF Company Constitution – the Constitution provides the basis for the administration of the Company.
  • Risk Management and Fraud Control – the Board has developed a Risk Management and Fraud Control Plan commensurate to the activities of the Company.
  • Digital Recordkeeping – the Board has developed a records management policy framework to encourage and support good recordkeeping of the Company’s work. Effective recordkeeping assists all personnel to quickly and accurately respond to requests for information. Retaining the corporate memory of the AAF Company, in the form of records, helps with consistent decision making.
  • Protective Security – the Board has developed a Protective Security Plan commensurate with the activities of the Company.
  • IPS Plan – describes how the AAF Company administers the IPS in respect of its own information holdings.


These are the lists and registers that the AAF Company is required to hold by law and other disclosures that relate to the function of the agency.

See our disclosure log.

Other disclosures include:

  • a plan for the IPS
  • annual reports
  • details of arrangements for members of the public to comment on specific policy proposals for which the AAF Company is responsible, including how (and to whom) those comments may be made
  • information which we routinely provide to the Parliament in response to requests and orders
  • details of officers who can be contacted about access to information or documents under the FOI Act
  • our operational information insofar as it extends to our exercising functions and powers in making decisions or recommendations which affect members of the public – for example, any rules, guidelines, practices or precedents relating to those decisions or recommendations.

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Contact the AAF Company Information Publication Scheme administrator or the AAF Company Freedom of Information administrator at contact us.

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